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INGLEMIREPHARM'S London was founded in the early nineteenth century in a small town in England. A prominent businessman who was accidentally burned discovered an ointment which contained natural ingredients of propolis that could effectively treat burns. The businessman continued use of this ointment and his burn healed miraculously. This ointment, was made by dermatologist Dr. Elliot.

Dr. Elliott was born in a family of beekeeping, where propolis and other natural substances were studied. But by the time, the businessman used his ointment, Elliot has already passed away. The businessman was entranced by the magical effects of natural substances and its healing properties, and in order to further study the benefits of natural substances to the skin, the businessman set up Inglemire Personal Skincare Centre. Over the course of the next centry, numerous professionals were attracted to the philosophy of natural skincare and voluntarily contributed to its study in the centre.

Eventually, the centre evolved into today's mature INGLEMIREPHARM'S LONDON brand.