A.H.C Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack



  • A.H.C Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack
  • A.H.C Hydra B5 Sleeping Pack

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Main ingredients:
Vitamin B5, soluble collagen, Leigong root, gingko, ginseng and other extracts

Main effect:
Strong moisture replenishing ability, water and oil balance adjustment

- Hyaluronic acid with excellent hydration replenishment, concentrated to rebalance skin moisture.
- Stabilizes the skin, giving the skin a more refined and smooth care.
- Contains Vitamin B5 to enhance skin repair and improve damaged skin.
- Suitable for all skin types, pregnant women can use this!!
- Massage at the same time will produce a lot of water, very moisturizing

After the completion of nightly skin maintenance routine, take an appropriate amount of sleeping mask and evenly apply to the surface in a circular motion; gently massage to enhance absorption, no need to rinse after use and can also be used as a daily cream.

Capacity: 180ml

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