A.H.C Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule



  • A.H.C Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule - Go Go Beauty
  • A.H.C Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule - Go Go Beauty

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Contains concentrated hyaluronic acid solution, vitamin B5 and EGF. 

The use of sub-freezing temperature to solve skin problems due to external high-temperature stimulation.

Skin texture and appearance can drastically improve with continuous use for a week

This frozen B5 hyaluronic acid ampoule extract is twice as concentrated as it was before, better, more refreshing and less greasy.

Effectively reduce pores, moisturize, improve dull sensitive skin and various other skin problems. Brightening, anti-aging and improve skin elasticity.  


Suitable for all skin types, especially dry sensitive skin. It can also be used around the eye.
Can be kept in fridge until use, or place in fridge 15 minutes prior to application. Ice Hydra B5 Ampoule is formulated so that the serum will not freeze even in extreme temperatures of -20 celsius. 
Pull off plastic cap of bottle, twist on nozzle and apply onto face evenly. Massage into face in a gentle, circular motion for even better results. 
Capacity: 8ml* 8

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