ACCINE Sheep Placenta Mask



  • ACCINE Sheep Placenta Mask
  • ACCINE Sheep Placenta Mask

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ALL-IN-ONE Hydrogel mask

Hydro sheep placenta mask does it all.
Only hydro sheep placenta mask moisturizes, nourishes, enhances elasticity, shrinks pores, removes dead skin cells and soothes sensitive skin.

Hydrogel mask was created to solve skin troubles!

Containing more than 15 herbal extracts

Enjoy moisturizing with the use of Hydro mask to increase skin moisture.
Hydrogel masks can nourish, improve the elasticity of skin and soothe.
While hydrogel allows active ingredients to penetrate into the skin by interacting with skin temperature, the hydrogel becomes thinner.

Moisturizing ingredients restore the coarse and dried skin into dewy skin (after the application, you can really feel its effects).

After the application, the skin complexion becomes soft and dewy. The skin takes make-up very well.

Elasticity improvement
Adenosine is helpful for elasticity improvement.
Accine HYDRO SHEEP PLACENTA MASK keeps skin elasticity and provides nutrients for the skin.

Brightened and clear skin
Niacinamide helps the skin brighten up.
Helpful for clear and bright skin.
Greatly improves skin which is hard to apply makeup on due to being dull and coarse.

Soothes sensitive skin (patented extract complex)

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