DESEMBRE Oxyjet Elixir Treatment



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Korean medical grade beauty brand, Desembre presents the Oxyjet Elixir Treatment for beautiful skin!

This treatment uses oxygen to clean pores to prevent early aging and promotes cell activation for skin regeneration.

Skin cleansing and soothing effect!

Oxyjet Elixir Mask
Suppresses melanin production, provides continuous hydration, prevents formation of wrinkles and is essential for skin vitality. Creates ultimate bright, milky, clear complexion!

Oxygen Moving Liposome Ampoule
Anti-aging, skin-wound healing, antibacterial action and trouble-skin (acne) healing. Deep moisturizing for supple skin!

Capacity: Oxijet Elixir Mask (15ml *10), Oxygen Moving Liposome Ampoule (5ml *10)


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