HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX



  • HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX
  • HANSKIN Real Complexion Cream EX

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Pink Cream Season 2!
For dull skin with bright light pink skin
Moisturizing cream that manages and tone-up complexion!

Anti-irritant skin tonic cream without artificial coloring
Real Complexion Cream EX The Secret of Pink uses Calamine which helps skin calm down! Artificial coloring is not added, so the pink color of the raw material itself reveals pinkish skin and makes it look natural.

A moisturizing lotion that moisturizes the skin
60 kinds of botanical ingredients rich in water and are water-repellent; 70% of skin conditioning ingredients and high-moisture emulsifying technology incorporated to help skin balance and moisturizing balance to form instant moistening film on dry skin to moisturize and smooth skin.

Makeup products NO! Skincare YES!
Real Complexion Cream EX is a basic product applied to the last step of skin care after cleansing with a whitening and wrinkle-improving functional cream. It is a reliable product identified as a result of hypotonic clinical testing.

Luxurious and vivid radiant radiance
Natural oil complex - The rich oil content of about 21% gives smooth light volume, and the narcissus dormant stem extract gives a radiance and shine from any angle.

Capacity: 50g

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