INGLEMIREPHARM'S Placenta Extract Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Base Solution



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  • 中文介紹
  • Fade fine lines and restore skin elasticity, reduce skin pores and restore skin luster, pulling pores compact, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, promote skin metabolism.

    [Long-term] For those who wear makeup all the time and outdoor workers; those who regularly use computers, stay up late; have spots or fine lines. Even without such skin problems, it can also be used as part of daily skin care routine.


    Take 1-2ml and pat onto skin after cleansing.

  • Water, glycerol, Golden Chamomile (CHYSAN THELLUM INDICUM) extract, trehalose, dent seek (PORTULACA OLERACEA) extract, hydrolyzed baobab (ADANSONIADIGITATA) extract, sodium hyaluronate, animal placental protein, six peptide-2

  • 功效: 本品蘊含動物胎盤蛋白,有著豐富的蛋白質及保濕成分,向肌膚提供營養和水分,恢復肌膚彈性改善膚質,倍添神采。透明質酸鈉成分使皮膚保濕滋潤,增加透明感,除去古舊角質,假性細紋改善。長期使用能放鬆緊繃肌膚,使皮膚水分充足。

    主要成份: 水,甘油,金黃洋甘菊(CHYSAN THELLUM INDICUM)提取物,海藻糖,馬齒莧(PORTULACA OLERACEA)提取物,水解猴麵包樹(ADANSONIA DIGITATA)提取物,透明質酸鈉, 動物胎盤蛋白,六肽-2。

    用法: 潔面後,取用1-2ml均勻塗抹於面部。

    規格: 2ml*14

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