IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow



  • IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow
  • IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow
  • IOPE Air Cushion Natural Glow

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A fourth-generation air cushion that creates a radiant skin with natural-looking shine.

  1. A moist and refreshing cushion with Bio water ™

    Contains BIO WATER (TM), which is composed of 5 kinds of skin water electrolytes (Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cl) and various water-soluble nutrients. Quickly strengthens moisture retention of skin.

  2. Lightweight and strong coverage with AirBoard Powder ™

    The air cushion air cover powder ™ is very lightly attached to the skin without lumps and covers the skin more smoothly, helping to create beautiful skin texture.

  3. Produce long-lasting, glossy, shiny skin

    Moisturizes your skin and will make your skin tone brighter.

  4. Smooth, gentle skin tone with natural shine

    Perfect transparent coating gives a gentle touch to the skin, creating a natural radiance and healthy, bright skin.

  5. The natural balance of coverage, shine and durability makes the skin comfortable.

Capacity: 30g (15g * 2)


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