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  • JAYJUN Vita Snow
  • JAYJUN Vita Snow

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  • This Essence and Powder duo is full of Vitamin C to help correct pigmentation and dull, dark skin! Vita Snow treatment is especially recommended for those who have undergone laser treatment for more long-lasting clear skin effects.

    Vita Snow also treats melanin and cell regeneration problems that cause skin blemishes. The concentrated vitamin powder gives intensive moisture and whitening.

    How To Use
    After cleansing the face, apply essence and use fingers to apply powder all over face. Rub gently until absorption. 

    Functions of Vitamin C 
    -Makes skin bright and beautiful
    -Good for moisturizing and Elasticity.
    -Vitamin C is a major ingredient for whitening, reducing melanin formation and protecting skin from sun light.
    -Neutralizes harmful oxygen created by ultraviolet rays and protect skin.
    -Promotes generation of ceramide protecting skin cell wall.
    -Takes off dead skin cells smoothly and effectively.
    -Promotes generation of collagen, antiaging effect.

    Vita Snow Essence
    Contains high concentrated Vitamin, functional ingredients and natural extracts.

    Vita Snow Powder
    Contains nano typed vitamin C in stable condition to be absorbed into skin efficiently.

    Capacity: Essence (30ml* 1) Powder : (5ml * 4 )

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