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  • GOGO Beauty is proud to be the sole authorized reseller of LA JOUVENCE in Canada!

    Luxury of Youth

    The Cellular Luxe Cream is the pure definition of ultra luxury and sophistication. This diamond infused powerful lift cream has been created to provide two purposes, both cosmetic and as a treatment, that delivers a powerful and unique combination of bio nutrients from caviar, effective neuropeptide, integrated with a potent water soluble antioxidant and the ultimate inclusion of microfine infused Diamonds. Those with fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face with the addition of sagging skin and enlarged pores, will witness a dramatic transformation to their appearance. Witness breathtaking results from just one application and with proper daily use, see amazing long term improvements.

    - Visibly appear 5-10 years younger and more vibrant within 2-3 minutes
    - Visibly reduces the appearance of sagging skin
    - Visibly reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
    - Visibly reduces the appearance of lines on the forehead
    - Visibly reduces the appearance of laughing lines
    - Relaxes the muscle contractions that causes deep lines and wrinkles
    - Effective tensing agent that tightens the skin immediately and improves skin elasticity
    - All ingredients approved by the FDA

  • The Science Behind Cellular Luxe Cream

    LA JOUVENCE has proudly exceeded expectations with its intensive research and collaboration with top labs to deliver a formidable product called, the Cellular Luxe Cream. This formulation has successfully combined the complexities of luxurious ingredients to deliver a superior product that delivers immediate and effective results which has long been a dream within the world of anti-aging. Today, with the phenomenal advances in science and technology, witness aging skin being reversed before your eyes and enjoy the status of unparalleled lift and firmness to the skin.

    Caviar has long been considered the food of Gods and relished by kings and emperors. Caviar is not only considered for its decadence and prestige, but also has become a status of wealth, health, and sex appeal. For decades, caviar has been the mainstream in spa treatments and specialty skin care for Hollywood's rich and famous elites.

    Caviar is an exceptional product rich in amino acids and contains of 60 nutrients that includes a variety of antioxidants to essential fatty acids. Caviar contributes a significant role in protecting our cells from damaging free radicals to the prevention of cellular inflammation to the skin. In addition, caviar plays an important role in improving the skin's elasticity as well as triggering hormones in the skin in the promotion of collagen production and cellular regeneration. Overall, caviar's skin enhancing and anti-aging benefits is unlike any other when it comes to personifying beauty, youth, luxury, and irresistible appeal.

    The neuropeptide, Acetyl hexapeptide-8, is a powerful neuropeptide that has the ability to inhibit the release of neurotransmitters and as a result relax the muscles that cause the fine lines and wrinkles from our expression. As a result, the appearance of one's skin will be noticeably more youthful and beautiful.

    Diamonds have long been established as the pinnacle of luxury and purity, and now diamonds are the newest trend with the inclusion of microfine powdered diamonds that work to tame and heal common complexion problems. With this ultra luxurious ingredient, it has been shown to nourish the skin with its ability to balance skin tone and improve complexion. The skin then appears more youthful by reducing the appearance of lines, pigmentation and discolouration.

    The microfine diamond dusts also have a unique ability to gently exfoliate the outer layer of our skin which allows vitamins, nutrients, and age-defying ingredients to penetrate more effectively into out skin.

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), the potent water soluble antioxidant is recognized globally as a powerful tool in any anti-aging arsenal and has long been established as the skincare superstar that can help achieve younger, healthier, and more radiant skin. The antioxidant is strategically used for its synergistic effects within this formulation. The fact that it is a water soluble antioxidant, it is in line with caviar which also has water soluble components. Vitamin C has become widely popular for its potent ability to reduce the appearance of brown spots as well as other types of skin damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, it also increases collagen production for firmer skin while reducing any inflammation and irritation.

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    蘭祖佛絲魔鑽逆齢時空面霜瞬間逆齡秘密蘭祖佛絲魔鑽逆齢時空面霜為蘭祖佛絲2016年新推的產品,其突破性的技術讓用家免除承受手術的風險和痛楚,能於兩分鐘內改善細紋,收緊毛孔,全面提升及緊緻臉部肌膚。魔鑽逆齢時空面霜經過精心研發而成,成份中含高效能胜肽,Argireline™,珍貴的鑽石及魚子提取物,能快速滲透皮膚底層,瞬間逆轉面部肌膚年齡,啟動時空之門,把青春定格!成份:純化水,矽酸鈉,矽酸鎂鋁,六勝肽,氧化鐵,苯氧乙醇,乙基己基甘油,鑽石粉,魚子提取物,抗壞血酸(維他命C)​ 功效:長達8-12小時持續撫平改善6大紋路,瞬間繃緊所有細紋.三分鐘除皺撫紋,收緊毛孔,全面提升及緊緻面部肌膚,改善面 部肌膚各種問題?容更持久貼服使用方法:於早上潔面後,用於護膚程序的最後一個步驟,取出小量面霜放於指尖上,然後以由下至上的手法將面霜輕輕塗抹於臉部,注意避免過分用力磨擦臉部肌膚。

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