LA JOUVENCE Dew Cellular Hydrating Serum



  • LA JOUVENCE Dew Cellular Hydrating Serum
  • LA JOUVENCE Dew Cellular Hydrating Serum

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  • 中文簡介
  • La Jouvence's latest oxygen-injecting Dew Cellular Hydrating Serum, provides endless supply of oxygen and nutrients in the early morning every day, so that your skin is ready to meet different environmental challenges; including the fight against free radicals, impact of radiation, air pollution on the skin. These harsh environments continue to weaken the skin's resistance, so that the skin unknowingly ages, becomes dull, dry, sensitive, dry and so on ...

    La Jouvence's oxygen-injecting Dew Cellular Hydrating Serum bring thes most comprehensive protection for the skin, so that your skin is in its best condition to meet different harsh environmental challenges any day.

    Three patented ingredients that are powerful anti-aging agents for the skin. The patented ingredient, FIFLOW®, is a BOTOX®-like product that enhances cell respiration by delivering oxygen to the dermis at the same time breaks down carbon dioxide to increase the concentration of reactive oxygen species; helping to reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and can continue to stimulate cell metabolism, speed up cell renewal, so that the skin in the shortest possible time becomes lustrous and youthful once again.

    Use every morning after cleansing and applying toner. Please shake the essence before use, and take appropriate amount of essence to apply onto face while massaging gently to absorb.

    *Best results if used together with La Jouvence Crème De Jouvence Gold Edition.

    Pure water, water of North American Hamamelis, perfluorohexane, gluconolactone, glycerol, L-hyaluronic acid, perfluorodecalin, perfluorinated perhydrophenanthrene, ethanol, perfluorodimethylcyclohexane, sodium benzoate, Xanthan gum, sodium lactate, glucosamine HCL, pea seed extract, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, bupleurum root extract, sorbitol, levamptamic acid

  • 產品資訊:
    蘭祖佛絲最新推出的注氧水嫩晨露精華,於每天的清晨為肌膚注入源源不絕的氧氣和養份,好讓替肌膚做好準備,迎接不同的環境挑戰 ── 包括對抗自由基的侵害、輻射的影響、空氣污染對皮膚造成的負擔等,這些惡劣的環境不斷地削弱肌膚的抵禦力,令皮膚於不知不覺間老化、暗沈、缺水、敏感、乾燥等⋯⋯而蘭祖佛絲注氧水嫩晨露精華正可為肌膚帶來最全面的保護,讓肌膚以最佳的狀態迎接每天的挑戰。

    蘊含三大尖端專利成分,透過強強聯手為肌膚注入滿滿的抗衰老 能量,第一款專利成分 FIFLOW®的功效彷如 BOTOX®般優秀,它有效促進細胞的呼吸作用,於運送氧氣進入真皮層的同時分解二氧化碳,以此增加皮膚活性氧的濃度,從而幫助減 少細紋及皺紋的形成,並能持續刺激細胞的新陳代謝,加快細胞更新,讓肌膚於最短的時間內提升活力、光澤及展現年輕肌無法掩蓋的風采。

    純水/北美金縷梅水/全氟己烷/葡糖酸內酯/甘油/左旋玻尿酸/全氟萘烷/全氟全氫化菲/乙醇/全氟二甲基環己烷/苯甲酸鈉/黃原膠/乳酸鈉/氨基葡糖HCL/豌豆籽萃取/咯烷酮羧酸鈉/龍頭竹莖萃取/山梨醣醇/左旋普胺基酸 ​

    ​每天清晨用於潔面及爽膚水後,使用前請先搖勻精華,並取適量精華液塗抹於面上,按摩至 吸收即可。若配合蘭祖佛絲尊貴黃金霜及肌底活生膠囊使用效果更徍。

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