LA JOUVENCE Signature Radiance Concentrate 24K Gold Edition


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  • 中文簡介
  • 5 Significant Skincare Effects: 
    - Signature Radiance Concentrate can quickly and continuously provide a significant amount of hydration for the skin;
    - Immediately increase water concentration of the skin;
    - Reduce size of pores and rough skin texture;
    - Moisturize and repair damaged skin;
    - Anti-aging properties for youthful skin;
    - Get rid of dull and dark, tired-looking tones

    *Suitable for all ages and all skin-types.

    Get beautiful, baby-like skin in 3 days and full effects of bright, smooth, ageless and hydrated skin in 4 weeks!

    Capacity: 3ml * 8 (per box)

  • Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, licorice extract, moisturizer, collagen, squalene, pentaspeptide, ceramide, magnolia extract, gold, aloe extract, hydrolyzed silk protein, pure water, phenoxyethanol, hydroxyethyl cellulose

  • 蘭祖佛絲 黃金水光能量液

    5大顯著護膚功效 水光肌驚艷綻放 蘭祖佛絲最新推出的黃金水光能量液,可快速並持續地為肌膚注入大量水分,瞬間提升皮膚含水量,針對改善粗大毛孔、撫平粗糙、滋潤修護,令肌膚回復吹彈可破的年輕觸感,及有效提亮均勻暗啞膚色,持久地使肌膚水潤透亮,釋放皮膚最耀白的光芒,適合任何膚質人士使用。

    功效: 蘭祖佛絲黃金水光能量液,持續地為肌膚注入滿滿的水光力量,五大卓越功效,賜予您水、白、彈、滑、嫩的嬰兒肌,3天即可看見肌膚明顯改善,4週給予肌膚一次美麗褪變的轉機。

    成分: 玻尿酸鈉,甘草萃取,保溼劑,膠原蛋白,角鯊烯,五胜肽,神經醯胺,木蘭花萃取,黃金,蘆薈萃取,水解絲蛋白,純水,苯氧乙醇,羥乙基纖維素

    使用方法: 建議早晚使用,用於潔面及爽膚水後,取適當份量放於指尖,塗抹於全臉並以由下至上的手法輕輕按摩,直至皮膚完全吸收為止,及後可配合極致活膚高效黃金霜使用,效果更佳。


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