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5 piece pack - this mask is so natural, it's safe to eat!

First ordered the world's first hand-fungus fungus first mask carrier Mask Essence Mask 1 times other membranes can be completely dissolved in water known as the security mask can eat, pregnant women, sensitive skin available small molecule hyaluronic acid molecules smaller than

Core components:

White fungus extract - Fungus has always been a "skin care products' saint" by reputation and modern research has confirmed that white fungus is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron as well as other nutritious substances. Applying it topically may allow it to be absorbed through the skin.

  • Even out skin tone, strengthen skin absorption
  • Promote tissue repair, enhance suppleness
  • Rejuvenating moisturization to give silky skin
  • Improve metabolism, brighten skin complexion
  • Shrink pores, improves relaxation

Solves problems for women facing skin imbalances, who want whitening & moisturizing features in a mask, as well as the ability to activate cells, shrink pores and promote facial blood circulation. Enhance skin elasticity, delicateness, smoothness, lessen skin sensitivity to allergens. 
Long-term use is recommended, even for pregnant women.


Misszhang Tremella mask after a year of efforts has meets all requirements of the standard of excellence.

Actress Zhang Xing Yu launched her brand Miss Zhang to create a  mask different from what we see in everyday ordinary mask. It abandoned the traditionalal non-woven fabric used, and employed white fungus extract in her new line of products. 

The plant fibre mask takes shape after careful high temperature treatment of the material and is the market's first pure plant vector mask. Soft feel like yarn, rich and abundant mucopolysaccharide body to enhance moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acid hydrating ability creates a high-powered, long-term use mask that can effectively moisturize the skin.

MISS ZHANG achieves pollution-free natural ingredients as much of the mask itself is made of white fungus. It does not contain any hormones, and is the first sheet mask out in the market that you can truly eat and consume!

A mask that is so gentle from the inside to the outside that it will provide zero burden on the skin, improve skin cell repair rate, and will not bring any minor skin damage. A natural, healthy and moist mask that is breathable and is through and through excellent for the skin. 


首款手工訂製 全球首款銀耳面膜 首款銀耳載體面膜精華液是其它面膜的1倍膜材可完全溶解於水中被譽為可以吃的安全面膜,孕婦、敏感肌膚可用分子體積小於玻尿酸小分子






Misszhang 銀耳面膜 經過了一年的努力,不是一件簡單的事,達到所有標準和要求,精益求精。
由#張馨予 所推出的Miss Zhang面膜不同於我們日常所見的普通面膜,它摒棄了傳統所用的無紡布,推陳出新地採用了銀耳載體技術。
純銀耳熬製經過上千次高溫低溫改變形態,是市面上首款純植物載體面膜。質地柔軟,手感如紗,富含豐富的粘多醣體及保濕因子,擁有高倍玻尿酸的保濕能力,長期使用能有效#潤澤皮膚 ,#保濕 去黃激活細胞。
misszhang做到天然無公害他的成分不多載體本身就是銀耳製成 ,不含任何激素,是第一款真正的可以吃的面膜。

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