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(New version is called "Supple Aqua Moisturizing Cream", but contents are same as old version)

Capacity: 80 ml

Ingredients: white fungus extract, jojoba seed oil, pomegranate fruit extract, β- glucan, agave extract, arbutin

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is relatively light and the texture is non-greasy on the skin. It can quickly spread out and leave the skin feeling soft, non-sticky after use. You can smooth pores, good oily or combination skin to regulate oil secretion and improve inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and so on.

Pomegranate fruit extracts: pomegranate polyphenols can inhibit the activity of hyaluronidase, thereby slowing the rate of decomposition of hyaluronic acid, so as to achieve the effect of moisture.

β- glucan: a powerful free radical scavenger, removing external contamination, radiation and other skin darkening phenomenon caused by computer use.

Agave extract: Soothes itchy skin, repairs and so on, so as to relieve multiple allergy symptoms.

Arbutin: mainly extracted from the leaves of bearberry, also known as Arbutin. Arbutin can repair our skin to achieve skin whitening effect. It can stay up to 12 hours on the skin surface, and can penetrate the skin to inhibit UV damage to thereby inhibiting the formation of melanin.

Silky texture and rich in nutrients, instantly brightens, provides moist nourishment. A variety of natural nutrition quickly replenish the missing nutrients, improves dryness, dullness, relieves facial tension and restores skin smoothness for beautiful glossy skin.

Suitable for a variety of skin. Particularly suitable for tired, dull, and those who often use the computer all day.

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