MISS ZHANG Water Foundation Protective Spray



  • MISS ZHANG Water Foundation Protective Spray - Go Go Beauty
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  • MISS ZHANG Water Foundation Protective Spray - Go Go Beauty
  • MISS ZHANG Water Foundation Protective Spray - Go Go Beauty
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Using specially imported raw materials from India - marigold& safflower seed oil extract

Beautiful marigold extract from the highest concentration with a blue-absorbing effect due to target molecules.

Safflower extract taken from the leaves of safflower seed oil is also known as the "angel of natural protection of the skin."

Two plant species composition used together provides a 360-degree protection and restoration of the skin
Marigold extract and safflower seed oil extract, two natural plants, specifically resistant to harmful UV rays and contains refractive UV filter to prevent harmful rays penetrating deep into the skin which could result in excessive cell activating melanin problems. They can repair damaged skin problems caused by ultraviolet radiation and restore the skin's ability to retain moisture replenishment to improve the skin's self-defense capabilities.

Unlike traditional spray sunscreen products which only protect from sun rays, they are bad in water-locking and hydration features.  This product is moisturizing and has a strong water-locking effect. When applying the spray, the skin feels cool and moist. It can also whiten, brighten, moisturize, and blocks sun rays all at the same time.

Rapid physical whitening
A product that can rapidly and effectively whiten skin, enhance skin tone, remove dullness and prevent melanin production.


Little bubbles will appear on the surface of the skin after application because the bubbles are wrapping water molecules and oxygen ions that effectively replenishes hydration to the skin. It can wake up tired, sleeping cells and tissue to give the skin full of vitality throughout the day.


  1. Before using this product, please shake well and then spray onto skin.
  2. Apply the product 20-30 minutes before going out and from a distance of 10-15cm spray away from the skin. It can be re-applied throughout the day, at anytime. 
  3. Avoid applying directly onto the face -  first spray onto palms of hands before pressing gently onto face.





有別於傳統防曬噴霧產品,傳統防曬產品只防曬,保濕鎖水親膚性能差,這款產品保濕鎖水能力強,親膚性能強,看的見的水分子, 在使用時,肌膚倍感清涼,水潤,鎖水保濕力持久,親膚性強,肌膚使用後立現柔滑水嫩細膩。防曬補水修復美白為一體的多性能產品。





  1. 在使用本產品前,請將產品搖晃均勻後再噴曬。
  2. 於出門前20分鐘到30分鐘,距皮膚10-15cm處噴曬塗抹於全身裸露肌膚,可隨身攜帶定時補用。
  3. 用於臉部時,請先噴於手心,然後再拍到臉上即可。

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