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  • SMOOTH Emergency Repair Mask - Go Go Beauty
  • SMOOTH Emergency Repair Mask - Go Go Beauty
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SMOOTH has created a medical-grade beauty test-tube mask after carefully formulation in hopes of formulating an instant skin repairing sheet mask. Containing patented natural Tornare™, Centella asiatica extract, Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, and Hyaluronic acid, Smooth Emergency Repair Mask can gently and thoroughly soothe sudden facial skin concerns, and is especially suitable for those who have recent undergone medical beauty treatments, sensitive skinned, sunburnt or those who have developed sudden rashes. 

One single sheet can get rid of redness, soothe irritated skin and repair damaged skin cells while providing moisturizing, anti-aging, pore shrinking and whitening treatment all at once!

One charcoal based fibre mask, six instant effects:

  1. Instant hydration 
  2. Instant pore minimizing and evening of bumpy textured skin
  3. Instant glossiness, creating an even skin tone by fading scars and dark spots
  4. Instant decreasing of wrinkles and fine lines
  5. Instant soothing of sensitive, irritated skin
  6. Instant return to youthful and delicate elastic skin

1 box has 5 test tubes (each mask is folded gently into a single test tube). The serum acts as a extra boost before application of the sheet mask.


Smooth recommends 3 day continuous use of the sheet mask, then applying the serum only day and night for the following next 2 days.

Then apply the sheet mask again for the last two days to complete 7 days of treatment.

The effect can even be compared to a hyaluronic acid injection process applied together with Mesotherapy!
Experience smoother application of make up in the morning!
Get rid of acne scars

*Natural ingredients, no alcohol, suitable for even pregnant women.


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